backward forward

artificial memories
clashes with edges of precious stones and crystals

gravity of memories
symbolize more than enough

the influential transition
when you're visa expires? 

without melody of raspberry reisch
closing eyes for a distance

ain't not stopin' at all
walking into ocean slowly
waves covering slowly


maków, warszawa, kikoły august 2016

several delays

no I'm not operating
graduation literally
was so hard you know
to wake up
grab a snack and have a sit
pushing it away seems as sleepy
as this metter of fact
slightly more in vains
bloody hell it's overcrowded

then was different
preparations with pleasure
sort of parental visit
dealing with each other
beach without the bay 
lonely island 
no more

suddenly happened
fortune based on instant endurance
with each other
balcony with the view to mountains

- - -

rethymno, may 2016 

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